Karma Sood

Name:                          Karma Sood

Nationality:                 British

Kart:                               Project One

Age:                                8




During the past year 2010, Karma has been very casual with his karting and entered the
occasional Non-MSA race at Lydd. Karma graduated from the  race academy at
Rye House, having started the Honda Cadet class in 2009.

Karma has shown he can drive and now needs some training to help with his lines, racecraft and pace to enable him to keep with the boys at the front.

Karma will be looking to pass his Arks Test and obtain his licence over the next few
weeks for Clubman/Cadet under MSA rules from 2012 onwards.


Sept 2011                    Driver of the Day – Lydd Non-MSA Clubman




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